Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can be found in mattresses, couch cushions, under chairs, cracks in plaster, and in electronics. Bed bugs are found in hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, delivery vehicles, dry cleaners, jails, hospitals, churches, cruise ships, furniture rental stores and private homes.  They can travel throughout a house, apartment, or building. They can also attach to luggage. Bed Bug bites, while rare for a time, are again becoming all too common. One of the primary reasons for the recent resurgence is that past pesticides used for treatment are losing their effectiveness at treating bed bugs today. New ways have been invented to eliminate infestations.

At Reliable, we have varied methods to rid your business of bed bugs. We use Thermal Remediation (HEAT). There is a difference in Heat Treatments, and Reliable Pest Solutions is the area’s exclusive provider of Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR. It’s recognized as the most successful treatment available. Reliable uses specialized equipment, a self-contained generator, sophisticated wireless monitors, computer equipment, and air movement devices to be sure the treatment is right the first time. If you suspect Bed Bugs in your office building, give the experts at Reliable Pest Solutions a call today. We will advise you on the proper inspection techniques, treatment options and investment. Investing in a cut rate treatment that does not solve your problem the first time costs you money. It also adds to the danger of ongoing Bed Bug infestations. Our technicians will conduct corrective treatments to rid your business of bed bugs. Our bed bug inspections and treatments are conducted confidentially. Give us a call today for a quote!

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