Brown Recluse Spider

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8 legs, biting, brown

The brown recluse or fiddleback/violin spider gets its common names from its coloration and reclusive habits, or the dark violin/fiddle-shaped marking on the top of the cephalothorax. Members of the genus Loxosceles occur in southern Europe, temperate Africa, and in North, Central, and South America.

Adults usually about ¼-1/2” (6-12 mm) in body length (L. laets about 1”/25mm). color tan to dark brown with a darker fiddle-shaped marking on dorsum or top of cephalothorax whose neck points towards abdomen. Uniquely, with 6 eyes  arranged in 3 groups of 2 (diads) in a semicircle.

 Outside, brown recluse spiders are typically found around rocks, piles of inner tubes, utility boxes, woodpiles, under bark, etc. These spiders have been found in such places as outside rodent bait stations and infesting cedar shake roofs.

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