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Insect Facts

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  • Insects have two kinds of eyes-the usually large and easy-to-see compound eyes and two varieties of simple eyes.
  • Compound eyes are made up of many different lenses-as many as 28,000 per single eye in certain species of insects.
  • Insects' compound eyes cannot see fine details clearly. To a person, looking through the eyes of a honey bee is like looking through a wall of glass bricks.

Be Wary of Wasps!

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Don't press this alarm... Never squash a Yellowjacket wasp near the nest. A dying yellowjacket releases an alarm pheromone, or smell, that alerts other wasps. In less than 15 seconds, yellowjackets within a 15-foot radius will come to the victim's aid. The yellow jackets and hornets belong to the family Vespidae. The yellow jackets are in the subfamily Vespinae. They consist of four genera: "Provespa, Vespa, Vespula and Dolichovespula."

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