Larder Beetle

The common name of larder comes from the fact that this is a major pest of cured meats and other stored provisions. It is found throughout the United States and the world.

Adults about ¼-3/8” (7-9 mm) long; elongate oval. Color dark brown to black with basal 1/3 of elytra (wing covers) with a pale yellow transverse band which contains 6-8 small black spots; abdominal undersurface uniformly dark with no pattern, but covered with fine yellowish hairs (setae); legs covered with fine yellowish hairs. Head without a median ocellus.

The adults and larvae feed on all kinds of animal products such as dried fish, ham, bacon, meats, cheese, dried pet food, and dried museum specimens including insects, hides, feathers, horn, and hair. Only occasionally do they attact materials of plant origin such as stored tobacco.

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