Millipedes are sometimes called “thousand-leggers,” but they usually have 30-90+ pairs of legs. They are widely distributed throughout the United States and most of the world, with about 1,000 species occurring in the U.S.

Adults about 1/16-4 ½” (2-115 mm) long, usually cylindrical and wormlike but some slightly flattened. Color usually blackish or brownish but some red, orange, or with mottled patterns. With 1 pair short, 7-segmented antennae. Usually a cluster of simple eyes (ocelli) on each side of head. 

Millipedes have high moisture needs, like pillbugs and sowbugs. They are typically found in areas of high moisture and decaying vegetation such as under trash, piles  of grass clippings, flower-bed mulches, leaf litter, etc. Millipedes are nocturnal or active at night.

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