Oriental Cockroach






6 legs, black, Wings, shiny, straight antenna

 Introduction: Contrary to its common name, the oriental cockroach is thought to be of North African origin. It is also commonly called a “black beetle” or “waterbug” or “shad roach.” This species has worldwide distribution. 

Recognition: Adult males about 1” (25mm) long whereas, females about 1 ¼” (32mm) long. Color usually shiny black but may vary to dark reddish brown. Male’s wings cover about 75% of abdomen, leaving 3 to 5 abdominal segments exposed. Female with much reduced wings which resemble nymphal wing pads but have veins. Adults do not fly.


 Habit: In many areas, the oriental cockroach survives quite well outdoors and spends considerable time there. It is typically found under debris, stones, and leaf litter, but also in wall and porch voids. It has been observed to survive outdoors during 13 weeks of almost continuous freezing weather.

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