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People’s Choice

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Hannibal Courier-Post’s People Choice!  You have made us an Award Winner for 17 years in a row!

People's Choice Award Winner

Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids was a success again this year.  Thanks to all the wonderful people in the community who helped out!

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WGEM’s Generations Event

Rich Cain and Money Saving Queen Sarah Roe from WGEM both take a moment to share a deep fried Mealworm at the WGEM Generations Event!  Don’t worry Sarah, I won’t charge you a penny for the bug!

 Rich Cain and Money Saving Queen Sarah Roe at WGEM Generations Event!

 Tri-State Rodeo in Ft. Madison

 Reliable Pest Solutions WINS the 1st Place Award for Best Decorated Vehicles at this years Ft. Madison Tri-State Rodeo Parade!!! Great Job Gang and Thank you to the city of Ft. Madison for a GREAT time! — at Ft. Madison Tri-State Rodeo Parade

Reliable Pest Solutions WINS the 1st Place Award for Best Decorated Vehicles at this years Ft. Madison Tri-State Rodeo        Parade!

Employee of the Month:   Katie Neff

 Katie Neff - Employee of the Month

Get to know our Featured Employee for the Month for November 2012:  Katie Neff

Job Title: Customer Service Representative
Favorite movie: “The Notebook”
Hobbies: “Playing with my daughter and talking with friends.”
Favorite band: “Corey Smith”
Favorite Quote: "Live each day like it could be your last."
Favorite food: "Pizza”

Twas the Night Before Christmas…..

 “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

 If you want to keep the mice from stirring at your house this winter there are a few things that you should be doing now to get ready for them and other winter pests.

 Just because the temperature drops outside definitely does not mean that your chances of becoming a home for unwanted pests drops with it…

 As conditions get uninhabitable outside with the cold, snowy and wet days to come, just like you, mice rats and other outside pests are looking for a warm dry place to rest and relax.

 Not only does your home offer the perfect conditions for your friendly neighborhood mouse to kick back and relax, but it also offers a long list of other amenities that look WAY too attractive when looking from the outside in…

 Good housekeeping practices are an absolute must when it comes to rodent control of any kind, at any level.  This statement holds true whether we are talking about a home or a business…  We often find that customers are more willing or likely to use poisons and pesticidal rodent baits before doing anything to deal directly with the sanitation issues that are providing our little friends with the food and shelter that they are so desperately seeking.

 Close your eyes and let’s take a virtual tour around your house for a moment…  Outside, are there rubbish piles that need to be eliminated?  Are your garbage cans and refuse storage devices in good condition? If not these can be a prime location for both food and shelter.., Lumber, construction materials, and any old equipment should also be removed wherever possible.

Keep walking around your house; do you see grass, weeds or any other undesirable vegetation directly next to your buildings that should be removed?  Furthermore is your landscaping properly maintained?  If not these areas can again provide both food and cover.

 Now that we have looked for where they can hide outside let’s look at how they can get it…  Long story short… It only takes 15 cents to figure out where they are getting in.  Generally, all openings greater than ¼ inch for mice and greater than ½ inch for rats is all that is needed to accumulate these unwanted pets.  The way I remember it when I am inspecting a house or business is to use the 15 cents rule; if the hole is the size of a DIME it will let in a mouse and if it is the size of a NICKLE it will let in a rat (and a new mouse pet by the way)…

 Speaking of Pets; when feeding pets, try to get in the habit of only feeding them what they will eat.  The excess food and spillage will often feed the unwanted pets when Fido is done.

 Ultimately you and these pests are really looking for the same things: warmth, food, water and a place to nest and build a family.  Well the last time I paid my taxes I definitely do NOT remember listing Mickey as a dependent, so take a moment to focus on how to keep them out…  Remember this line: “It’s always easier to keep them out than it is to get them out”.

 We at Reliable understand that most people are busy and just simply do not have the hours in the day to spend doing a proper home inspection and really don’t have the time to treat themselves.  No worries, when these concerns come up look for a professional.  When selecting a professional make sure that you ask for references and use a company recommended by friends and neighbors; a company that has been in the business for a long time and has a solid reputation for success.  Give us a call, next year will be our 75 year anniversary and with that kind of experience I have no doubt that you can rely on Reliable…

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