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"Earth? Wind? Fire?... Or Worse?"

Destroyed Billboard From Road

  Destroyed Billboard Closer

What could be at the heart of damage this extreme? 

Could it be all wind shear, a passing truck?

Read on to find out what may have contributed to this costly act of nature…

 For the last 75 years we here at Reliable Pest Solutions have been writing articles, interviews and commercials, doing our best to inform the Tri-States about the dangerous potential in and around your home for pest intrusion and infestation… along with the significant costs associated with the damages these pests can cause.  We do this not to scare you but make sure that you are aware that there are options and more importantly some actions that you can take as a home-owner to be more proactive and less reactive to pest intrusion.

 In the last two articles we focused on Bed Bugs and Termites; two highly destructive and expensive pests.  Termites for example cause millions of dollars in structural damage each year while Bed Bugs cause not only damage to property but also present physiological and psychological health concerns as well.  So what can you as a home owner do to be more proactive and make sure that You’re Covered? And more importantly to this article, what do these two pictures of a destroyed billboard have to do with your home?

 Let’s take a closer look:

Destroyed Billboard Post

Destroyed Billboard Post Close

Over the last few weeks the Tri-States have already started to see the beginnings of thunderstorm and tornado season; with torrential downpours, funnel clouds and straight-line winds recorded at or above 80 miles per hour…  When this type of weather hits a structure whether it is a longtime billboard location, a commercial business or your home, that location had better be in good structurally sound condition if it is expected to survive.

 When driving past the location pictured, at first I thought… “Those must have been some very strong winds that took that billboard down”…  But as all pest management professionals are trained to do, I kept my eyes opened and moved in for a closer look... 

There were a few things that encouraged me to get more evidence: 

  1. First, these billboard locations are built tough and are designed to withstand more than the winds that were recently recorded in this area. 
  2. Second, why did only the billboard on the right go down… what made it more susceptible to damage?
  3. Why do two of the support posts look “Ripped” apart while one of them appears to be a Clean Break?

Upon closer examination I found what I had suspected from the road: The structural integrity of the lead post (facing into the wind) had been compromised by moisture followed by Wood Destroying Insect damage. This post had obviously stood for years as pests slowly ate away at its core and without proper identification and treatment eventually gave way to the last strong wind it would see… And when the first post broke the others could not bear the load!

(See below; photos highlighting Insect Damage)

Destroyed Billboard Post Close Showing Insect Damage

Destroyed Billboard Post Really Close Showing Insect Damage

 Your home faces the same extremes each and every day.

In addition to educating yourself on what to look for and how to react if you find evidence of a possible infestation you should also contact a Pest Control Professional in your area and ask specifically for a Pest Prevention Program.  Make sure that they are part of an organization that has been in business right here in the tri-states for many years.  Make sure that they are also trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable and can provide you with strong local references for their performance.  Most importantly make sure that they are Reliable.

Reliable Pest Solutions has been providing protection to your home, health and the environment for over 75 years. 

Reliable’s  “You’re Covered”  and “You’re Covered PLUS” Quarterly pest prevention programs not only include proactive preventative residual treatments for common seasonal pests such as ants, (a big problem this time of year) but also requires that our Pest Management Professionals keep their eyes open and perform visual inspections for the more costly pests as they treat your home.  In addition, you have a Professional at your home at least 4 times a year to answer any questions or concerns that you may have relating to all types of pests.

Is your structure sound and free of costly damaging insects?

We can check it out for you with a free, no obligation inspection for damaging insect activity.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”…  Give us a call today and remember: “You can Rely, on Reliable”!

Featured Employee of the Month for April 2013:  John David

John David - Reliable Pest Solutions April 2013 Employee of the MonthJob title: Service Technician
First car: 1974 Chevy Camaro
Favorite movie: "True Grit"
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, watching my kids and grandkids play sports
Favorite magazine: "Sports Illustrated"
Interesting fact: "I raced motorcross in the early 80's."



2013 FPA (Food Protection Alliance) QA Boot Camp

at AIB / USDA Labs in Kansas

FPA QA Boot Camp

Every year members of the Reliable Pest Solutions staff spend days at the AIB and USDA campuses in Kansas as part of our FPA (Food Protection Alliance) association to stay current and on the cutting edge of pest control process, practices, policies and procedures so that we may better protect our customers.
Here we are studying the best programs to track and trend rodent activity in large production warehouses and food processing plants…. Just goes to show that Large or Small Reliable can handle them all!

FPA QA Boot Camp

FPA QA Boot CampFood Protection Alliance Member logo


WGEM Story on Termites & Other Wood Destroying Insects

Dave Hirner with Termite Baseboard WGEM Story


Here Dave Hirner shows a baseboard taken from a customers house that had no signs of termite damage until the customer simply bumped the baseboard and found out that most of it was already hollow.... A TRUE Horror Story!



Dave Hirner with Termite Baseboard WGEM StoryA BIG Thank you to WGEM News and Specifically Jennifer Tapley for coming out to ask all the right questions about the dangers of Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects this time of year.





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