August 2013 Newsletter

 "Pinching a penny could put a Pinch in your investments"

 Pinching a penny

A couple of my dad’s favorite lines were:  “You get what you pay for” and “If they are willing to give it away, then it has no value”; no matter how much training or life experience that I have had since the very first time I heard him say those words… it still really is that simple. There is no other investment where these words are more true than Pest Control.
When running a business or even a home in this economy, price is always going to be a top consideration when it comes to the services that you need to protect that investment.   Price however should never be the only consideration.

Here are 5 tips that can help you when selecting a reputable pest solutions provider:


1.      Look for a company that has been in business (In Your Community) for a long period of time.

o   There is absolutely nothing wrong with some quick startup companies, but most times they lack the training/knowledge and most importantly the experience to be able to make the educated decisions about how to best protect you and your investments long-term…
o   It’s easy to put a quick “Band-Aid” fix on the situation but make sure that they are able to project (from experience) the outcome of their approach months and years down the road.  It may only be their problem to fix the issue for a week, but you will have to live with the outcome potentially for the rest of your life.

"Band-Aid" fix
o   Ask for examples of how they have been successful in the past using their recommendations. 
o   If they are gung ho to sell it to you, see if they can support how the same “gung ho” approach has worked for some of their other customers in the past.

2.      Don’t let them lead with price…

o   Anyone that has ever approached me by saying “go with me….I am cheaper than the other guy”, has always ended up being interested in just one thing: A Quick Buck.
o   Put simply, Cheap Now could cost you a fortune later.
o   If things are going well with your pest control company and the only thing that the other guys “salesmen” can offer is a cheaper price, consider the potential costs if and when their cheaper processes and procedures fail.
o   Reliable for example has been asked to come back in to help many of our ex-customers over the last 4 years who saw the brass ring of cheaper pest control and then months later felt the burn of improper treatment techniques or Inferior chemicals…
o   Contact your local health departments, while they cannot tell you who to choose they can objectively advise you as to what to look for in a pest control company and what to stay far away from.

  • I’ll give you a little tip here, none of them will advise you to always go with the cheapest…
  • These are the individuals for example that have to step in and shut a restaurant down when it is overrun with roaches.  They do not like to do it but it is their job to protect the community’s health and wellness, and in our experience we have seen that they will do everything they can to protect you and your business as well.



3.      Make sure that the technician or technicians in some cases are properly licensed and certified to work with pest control chemicals and perform pest control duties in your state.

o   Don’t fall for the “My supervisor has been doing this for years” line… While that approach is cheaper for a small company, in order to be certain that the individual in your home has been through all of the necessary training to apply chemicals in and around your home, he or she must follow state safety guidelines; or your pets, home and family could be in danger!

Girl and dog sleeping

  • We at Reliable have witnessed way too many situations where chemicals have been applied by untrained personnel from other companies and put families at risk.
  • Let’s take Bed Bugs for example; if they come in and say they are going to soak down your mattress (The place where you SLEEP!) with chemicals…Show them the door.

o   Reliable Pest Solutions technicians are not only certified to treat your home or business, but our senior management is also qualified and certified to perform State Recertification training for pest control technicians from any company in multiple states.

4.      Ask about their warranty and make sure that you are comparing “Apples to Apples”.

Compare apples to apples
o   Some companies will rope you in with a cheaper price, only to charge exorbitant amounts if and when they have to come back to perform re-treats.
o   Get this information before you sign anything…
o   For example, “The Reliable Promise” of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our “You’re Covered and You’re Covered Plus” programs states that “Your services are fully warranted for the covered pests.  If you continue to see pest activity, we will return and retreat at no additional charge”.
o   This added value makes all of our programs stand out when compared to the increasing costs charged by other companies for repeated visits.
o   Plus if they have to keep coming back, (whether it is free or not) you have to start asking yourself “WHY?”… 
o   Reliable believes in our treatment processes and trained experienced technicians enough to guarantee that if your problem persists we will come back for free.  That is a clear example of value versus price!

5.      Ask for references.

References - Excellent, Good, Average or Poor
o   Not only from the pest control provider themselves but ask other customers that live in your area.
o   If you own a business, contact similar businesses in your area.  Most if not all of them will tell you who you should use and who you should avoid.
o   ASK RELIABLE…  Our staff is specifically trained notto “bash” the competition but to clearly understand and be able to give advice about our competitors based on our 75 years of experience in your communities. 

  • Plus if you are already our customer, who better to ask to compare the proposed programs line by line.  We will fight to keep our customers protected, give us a call, we will help you compare programs “Apples to Apples” and potentially reevaluate the program that you are on.

o   Remember…  It is not about who is cheaper, it’s about who has done a better job for them.  And yes it can be both, especially when you weigh in cost versus value.
For example:

  • I have personally walked into inspections and proposals where the owner / manager had told me that they have been forced by the county health inspector to throw away hundreds of dollars of inventory due to infestation situations every month but were unwilling to pay a little more for the correct pest control program.
  • I have also however walked into situations at large factories where we ended up being cheaper than the company we replaced and yet were still more effective at performing the pest control.

o   Again, it is not about the price, it is about choosing a company that has proven over many years in business to have the training, knowledge and experience to protect you and your investments. Pest control is always going to be one of those bills that seems like an unnecessary investment, or one that you can skimp on for the lowest buck.  However, if pest control is overlooked entirely or in some cases just done poorly; it can potentially cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business as well as pose potential threats to your family’s health and the environment…
Reliable Pest Solutions has been protecting your home, health and the environment for the last 75 years.  Give us a call today and we will help you compare “Actual” costs versus the “Real” value.

 Reliable Pest Solutions Celebrating 75 years

We appreciate the opportunity to be of Service and will do anything we can to aid in providing a Pest Free & Pleasant Environment.

“You can Rely on Reliable”

Get to Know Our Featured Employee of the Month for August 2013:  Kyle Bowman

Kyle Bowman - Reliable Pest Solutions August 2013 Employee of the Month

Job title: Service Technician
First car:
1998 Chrysler Concorde
Favorite movie: "Happy Gilmore"
Tennis, soccer, coaching the youth (in life and soccer)
Favorite band: REO Speedwagon
Favorite food: Fried catfish and mushrooms


The National Tom Sawyer Days Parade and events in Hannibal

 The National Tom Sawyer Days Parade and events in Hannibal this year were a HUGE success for us and as you can see we all had a fantastic time with an impressive turnout!

 Mouse Cars at National Tom Sawyer Days Parade  Reliable's 75th Anniversary sign in parade - Thanks Team Reliable  OK... So "some" of the Reliable team were just a little too excited to be there... Calm down Dave

What a TEAM!!! We had more helpers (including employees and family) than what we expected... It seemed like everyone wanted to come out to celebrate our 75 years in business in this years parade... THANKS TEAM RELIABLE!

Kevin and family in parade  Josh with 3 month old in parade  Looking into the future at the next 75 years!
Some of the parade participants were only 3 months old!

Thanks again to all of the employees and more importantly to the families for participating in this years parade! Great Turnout Gang!

Reliable Softball Team

Reliable Softball Team


Good season for our Reliable softball team!

Special thanks to Kevin Nichelson for coaching the team.

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