April 2014 Newsletter

Not all "Bug Guys" are created equal!

Let the “Experts” help you to avoid the swarm
this Termite Season

Termites close up

When it comes to the biggest investment in your life, you do not want to trust it to just any ole guy with a spray gun and an invoice book.  So what type of expertise and experience do you get when you Rely on Reliable and why do we know we can do a better job of protecting your investments than the next guy?

Reliable Termite Control

Reliable Pest Solutions began its life in 1938, over 76 years ago as “Reliable Termite Control” focusing exclusively on the treatment of just one insect: Termites.  At that time the founder and leader at the helm was a man named John R. Scholes… Huh? That last name sounds familiar… He later took on a partner in the business named Kenneth Cain.

John and Kenneth were some of the early pioneers in the treatment of termites and initiated the idea of Direct Wood Injections which was later adopted by other companies.

Old Reliable Termite Control truck

Their business grew through hard work and sacrifice and as a result many more offices were opened over the years… 

John’s son Gene Sr. joined the organization in the 1940s and became a Full Partner in the 1950s.      

When John Scholes passed away in 1967, Reliable Termite Control in Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO continued under the direction of Gene Sr.


Gene Sr.’s two sons, Gene Jr. and Gary had both worked for the company while attending school and each decided to join the firm upon the completion of their education.  Soon thereafter the name was changed to “Reliable Termite and Pest Control” to reflect the growing areas of service and the rapid expansion into the pest management field.              

The company was incorporated in 1977 and continued to thrive and grow under the direction of Gene Sr. and Gene Jr.  In 1984 Gene Sr. passed away.

Under Gene Jr.’s direction, the business expanded greatly into the Pest Management Business while continuing to service Termites as well.  1982 brought more family involvement when Kathy joined the organization as the Business Manager.  Kathy and Gene’s two sons, Gene III and Mike Scholes are both heavily involved in the business at this time.

Family Affair - Gene Jr., Kathy, Gene III and Mike Scholes newspaper photo

In 1988, Reliable purchased the assets of Odorite of Illinois, a deodorizing service company.  Later that same year, Reliable purchased the Odorite of Southeast IA, which served counties throughout Iowa.  Similarly, in 1993 Pest-Free of Columbia, MO and Zap Pest Control of Jacksonville, IL were also purchased and incorporated into Reliable.
In 2009 Mike Scholes took over the ownership and operations.  Mike continues to move our company forward and into new areas.  Under Mike’s direction “Reliable Pest Solutions” has continued to expand its customer base as well as the diverse variety of services that it now offers. 
Reliable Pest Solutions now proudly serves thousands of commercial and residential customers throughout Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.  Our steady, reliable and continued growth can be attributed to our primary principles:  Providing customer satisfaction to the highest degree and always putting customer needs first. 
We are proud to say that we are still, after all this time, a local family owned and operated business here in the tri-states, and with that type of company history behind us we do not take the term “Expert” lightly, especially when it comes to the treatment of termites or any pest that may damage your home, health or the environment. 

termites with wings

So according to the experts, what should you be looking for when you are walking around your house?  If you see “Flying Ants” around your home this time of year; be observant as they may be “Swarming Termites” looking to use your home as a food source to support their underground colony.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two,
Termites vs. Ants:

termites vs ants

You may also run into some of the colony at work, so let us also take a quick look at what these little guys look like as well:

termite life cycle


All of our Technicians are thoroughly trained, tested and licensed as required in the states we operate. Our Technicians receive updated training every four weeks.  We are prepared with full time staff, ready and able to take care of any pest problems you should have within 24 hours.

Long story short…  Don’t just call the cheapest “Bug Guy” in the book, consult with a local expert; give us a call!

Photo of Reliable Pest Solutions Hannibal Office

Reliable Pest Solutions Protecting your for over 75 years logo

We appreciate the opportunity to be of Service and will do anything we can to aid in providing a Pest Free & Pleasant Environment.

“You can Rely on Reliable”

Food Protection Alliance Boot Camp 

Food Protection Alliance Boot Camp

Recently members of our Management and Operations team attended the 3 day Food Protection Alliance Boot Camp in Manhattan Kansas. This Nationwide FPA Group is just one of the cutting edge ways that we are able to stay on top of all of the ever-changing processes and requirements involved with keeping your foods and grains safe and PEST FREE!

Get to Know Our Featured Employee of the Month: 
Emily Muehring

Emily Muehring - Reliable Pest Solutions Featured Employee of the Month

Job title: Customer Service Representative
Favorite movie: "Pride and Prejudice"
Favorite band: Mercy Me
Favorite food: Calamari
Married: Yes, 6 months (Paul Muehring)
Interesting Fact: Loves to travel


Jeremy Humiston - IL District Services Supervisor

Jeremy Humiston - IL District Services Supervisor

The Reliable management team is proud to announce that Jeremy Humiston was promoted to District Services Supervisor for the Illinois area beginning Feb.03, 2014.

Congratulations Jeremy and we ALL feel that you have been and will be a strong asset to the management team and will help the company to be successful going forward!

Many Area Shows

Ursa Farmers Coop Farming Show

Ursa Farmers Coop Farming Show

Burlington Home Show


Burlington Home Show

Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Reliable Bug Chef

The New Reliable Bug Chef whipped up another batch of steaming hot food grade Meal Worms for the WGEM Home and Living Show.      

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Races


Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Races  

Hannibal Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Hannibal Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

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