November 2013 Newsletter

Get ready for the invasion:  Here comes “Mickey” and he’s not cute.

Deer Mouse

Gene Scholes, Board Certified Entomologist

It may be surprising to find out how a little mouse can cause such a big problem.  As the weather cools off, mice eagerly search for a place to safely spend the winter months.  Most homes and business offer not only a warm and dry shelter but also food for these invading rodents.

Mouse Family

Mouse populations can quickly grow in size.  With enough space, food, water, and nesting spots, female mice can produce as many as 50 babies in a single year.  In tests, wild mice kept in below freezing temperatures not only survived, but continued to reproduce.

Mouse in hole


Mice can easily gain entry into most homes and other buildings.  They can squeeze through a crack as small as ¼ inch in diameter. If they can get their heads through the hole, the rest of the body will easily follow.

Once a mouse has found its way into the new home, other mice find the same entryway.  Mice leave a trail of body secretions and urine.  Other mice sense and follow the trail.  All openings, no matter how small need to be plugged and sealed to slow down the constant parade of potential invading mice. Food storage becomes even more critical at this time of year.  The smallest spill or open container will provide the food needed to survive, thrive and reproduce.


house mouse eating bread

Once mice gain entry, it often requires a trained professional to identify entry ways, close those openings and eliminate the problem.   

When selecting professional help, be sure to ask for references and use a company recommended by friends and neighbors.  The best programs are those that combine a program of exclusion, control, and prevention.  Mice controlled on the outside have little chance of gaining access and becoming a problem.

Gene Scholes is a Licensed Pest Solution Provider and a Board Certified Entomologist, A.C.E., with Reliable Pest Solutions.  He has more than 45 years experience providing pest solutions and can be reached at 888-777-3542 or on line at

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Get to Know Our Featured Employee of the Month for November 2013:  Robert Adams  

Robert Adams - Reliable Pest Solutions November 2013 Featured Employee of the Month

Job title: Service Technician
First car:
1982 Ford F150
Favorite movie: "Goonies"
Fishing, hunting, working on cars, and drag racing
Favorite band: Kenny Chesney
Favorite food: Pizza


Hannibal Courier-Post, People's Choice Awards

Reliable Pest Solutions is the Hannibal Courier-Post, People's Choice Award winner for 18 years in a row

Reliable Pest Solutions would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Hannibal and the surrounding communities that voted in this years "Hannibal Courier-Post, People's Choice Awards"!!!

For the 18th Year in a ROW you have voted Reliable as your trusted choice for pest control in the communities that we serve. We sincerely appreciate each of your votes and look forward to another 75 years as your company of choice when it comes to Pest Control Services, Deodorizer Services and Specialized Bed Bug Remediation, Education and Removal.                     

"Coats for Kids" Campaign

Coats for Kids was a success again this year. 
THANK YOU for your gift of a warmer winter for those in our communities who desperately need our support!

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Adams Electric Cooperative, Annual Meeting

Our booth with the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches was a hit with the kids.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

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