5 Summer Pest Prevention Tips

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Summer has finally arrived! While the heat and fun of the season have been long-awaited, no one is excited about the increase in bee stings, mosquito bites, and creepy crawlies showing up in random places. Rather than simply dealing with the annoyance, you can take action with these 5 summer pest prevention tips.

5 Summer Pest Prevention Tips

#1: Eliminate Standing Water

Critters get thirsty, just like we do, and if you have a water source, you can bet that they will find it. The first step in summer pest prevention is to eliminate standing water. This includes stagnant ponds, puddles/water run-off, water buckets, overflowing flower pots, etc. Keep in mind that if you can get the water flowing, that helps. Additionally, chlorinated or saltwater swimming pools don’t count; they actually help prevent insects!

#2: Maintain Your Landscaping

It can be tempting to let your landscaping go wild, but that makes it a safe haven for pests of all types. If you are struggling with pest problems, being vigilant with your landscaping will make a big difference. What landscaping maintenance for pest prevention entails is:

  • Removing yard waste
  • Keeping grass mowed
  • Trimming bushes
  • Storing firewood away from the house

#3: Remove Food Sources

Pests need to eat, too! They will be the first in line if you are offering up a buffet. We recommend being careful with any food taken outside. Picnics should be sealed up as soon as serving is complete, and trash should be removed.

Additionally, you want to prevent pests from getting into stored food, such as pet food, bird food, or anything else that may attract their attention. You can do this by having sealed bins with locking lids. Keep in mind that trash and compost may be enticing for some pests. Be sure to seal up your containers tightly, be consistent with taking out the trash, and keep your bins away from your home.

#4: Seal Up Your Home

The last thing you want is for an unidentified critter to run across your foot in the middle of the night or wake up with mysterious bites. To prevent pests from making themselves at home in your home, you will want to seal up your home. This means replacing window and door seals if damaged, repairing screens, and identifying and sealing any holes or cracks that a critter might try to squeeze through.

#5: Perform Regular Home Inspections

As our homes age, they become more vulnerable to pest attacks. As our last summer pest prevention tip, we recommend performing or having a professional perform regular home inspections to identify and fix any problems with your home that a pest may take advantage of.


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