Cockroaches – Your Questions Answered


Nobody enjoys seeing a cockroach dash across their living room floor or kitchen counter. Not only are cockroaches horrifying to look at, but they can carry disease and dirt with them. Today, we are going to answer the most common cockroach questions. Let’s dive right in!

Common Cockroach Questions Answered

How long can cockroaches live without a head?

You would be surprised at how often this question gets asked! Technically, cockroaches don’t immediately die after losing their head. Their bodies can continue living for a week to a month, but eventually, they will die due to dehydration.

Can cockroaches survive a nuclear blast?

While cockroaches can withstand a higher level of radiation than humans, it doesn’t mean that they can survive a nuclear blast. So, that idea about cockroaches being the only creature left after a nuclear war is a myth.

How long can cockroaches live without food or water?

Cockroaches can typically survive a month without food, but like most animals, they cannot live without water. Cockroaches can typically last a week without water before dying of dehydration.

What temperatures can a cockroach withstand?

Cockroaches can withstand temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also withstand extreme heat and cold, but they do not like dry conditions or high humidity levels. Additionally, cockroach eggs will hatch in about a week at room temperature.

What is a cockroach’s lifespan?

Cockroaches generally live from a few months to a couple of years despite all the circumstances trying to kill them (including the above methods).

Can cockroaches cause allergies?

Yes, they can. Many pests that leave behind droppings, saliva, or skin particles can cause allergic reactions in humans, including cockroaches.

Do cockroaches bite?

Usually not! However, in very rare circumstances, a cockroach could bite if their food supply is low and you happen to smell like food. Keep in mind that they aren’t trying to eat you though, they just got confused.

What do cockroaches eat?

Cockroaches are scavengers who eat just about anything they can find in your pantry, trash, or left behind as crumbs on your counters or floors. In all reality, they are like goats; they will eat just about anything, even leather, soap, toothpaste, and even glue.

How quickly do cockroaches reproduce?

Female cockroaches can produce 200-300 offspring every year. The first-generation nymphs emerge from the egg after approximately two weeks. These young cockroaches can have wings that allow them to fly short distances.

Can cockroaches walk on ceilings?

Cockroaches have a special body structure that allows them to grab on surfaces and move around upsidedown or vertically. However, if the surface is smooth, like glass, they have nothing to grip.

How long do roaches live underwater?

Some roach species can live underwater for 15 minutes without a problem, whereas some only last a few minutes.

Reliable Pest Control

Do you have a cockroach problem? While there are various measures you can take to prevent cockroaches before they become an issue, an infestation is another scenario entirely. If you have more than one or two cockroaches scuttling about, you need to call a professional pest control company right away to handle the situation.