Brownbanded cockroach

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Introduction: Brownbanded cockroaches get their common name from the pale brown bands which run across the wings of the adult but more appropriately from the pale brown bands which run across the body of the nymph. This species is apparently of African origin and was presumably introduced from Cuba into Florida and 1903. It now occurs throughout the United States.

Recognition: Adults about 1/2" (male 13-14.5 mm female 11-12 mm) long. Color light brown to brown with females much darker than males head brown pronotal shield with brown liberty-bell shaped pattern formed by translucent lateral margins or sides and wings darker at base but paler towards their tips with exception of a pale band at their base and another about 1/3" from base.

Habits: Brownbanded cockroaches are found throughout structures but show a preference for warmer areas over 80 degree F (27 degree C). Be sure to check ceilings anything high on walls such as picture frames and wall molding near appliance motors and in light switches closets and furniture.

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