Cigarette Beetle

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The cigarette beetle gets its common name because it attacks tobacco wherever it is stored. Its distribution is worldwide.

Adults about 1/16"-1/8" (2-3 mm) long and oval. Color light brown. Antennae serrate or sawlike. Punctures or pits on elytra (wing covers) irregular or scattered in distribution not arranged in rows.

The cigarette beetle attacks a host of items such as paprika dry dog food beans biscuits chickpeas cigars cigarettes cocoa beans coffee beans cottonseed (before and after harvest) dates dried banana dried cabbage dried carrot dried fruits raisins rice yeast seeds spices furniture stuffing bookbinders paste and books and even insecticides containing pyrethrum. It also attacks animal material such as dried fish fish meal meat meal leather silk and even dried insects. Dry dog food and paprika are most commonly attacked in the home.

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