Crazy Ant

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Introduction: This ants name comes from the workers habit of running haphazardly about a room/building in search of food. The crazy ant is found throughout the United States but is confined to the indoors in the northern states because it cannot survive the winter outdoors.

Recognition: Workers monomorphic about 1/16"-1/8" (2.2-3.0 mm) long. Body dark brown to black with gray sheen/luster slender. Antenna and legs very long in comparison to body size antenna 12-segmented without a club and 1stantennal segment (scape) length about twice head length. Thorax lacks spines profile unevenly rounded. Pedicel 1-segmented. Gaster with anal opening circular surrounded by circlet of hairs. Stinger absent.

Habits: Inside these ants usually nest underneath floors and in wall voids especially near hot-water pipes and heaters. The workers visit food sources following regular trails foraging up to 100 feet (30 m) or more. The preferred foods are insects and sweets but they will feed on almost any household food.

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