Field Cricket

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Field crickets can severely damage or destroy field crops and vegetable crops and hence probably get their common name from this activity. The genus Gryllus is widely distributed throughout the Americas or New World and consists of about 25 species in the United States.

Adults 1/2"-1 1/8" (13-30 mm) long. Color typically black but varies to brownish yellow or straw yellow. Antennae threadlike much longer that body. Wings lay flat on the back.

Outdoors around buildings they are typically found in moist situations such as in mulched areas unweeded plant beds in and around woodpiles stones and debris etc. Their presence is often indicated by the males chirping which for most species occurs during the day and night. These sounds are made by rubbing the front wings together. His calling song serves to attract females. They are often attracted in great numbers to electric lights.

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