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Introduction: All members of the order Thysanura have a teardrop/carrot/fish-shaped body and get the common name of bristletail because of their 3 long bristlelike or taillike appendages on the posterior/rear end of their body. Firebrat is the common name for those species which prefer areas of high temperature 90oF (32.2oC) and above. Firebrats are found throughout the United States and world.

Recognition: Adult body length not including tails about 12-13mm long. Wingless with flattened body. Shape teardrop/carrot/fishlike tapering from head to rear and generally covered with scales. Color uniformly grayish or grayish with numerous dark markings. Antennae long threadlike.

Habits: Firebrats prefer areas of high humidity but temperature is the critical factor. They are typically found in areas where the temperature is 90oF (32oC) and above. Such places include boiler rooms bakeries hot attics steam tunnels around ovens furnaces fireplaces hot water heaters and pipes etc. with breeding areas possibly in adjacent wall voids subflooring etc. They are fast runners prefer the dark hide during the day and prefer to hide or nest in tight cracks or crevices

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