Granary Weevil

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This weevil has been a major pest for centuries. It occurs worldwide in the cooler climates. In the United States it is usually found breeding from and including North Carolina northward.

Adults about 1/8"-1/4" (3-4.8 mm) long. Color usually shining reddish brown but sometimes nearly black elytra (wing covers) lack any pale marks. Punctures or pits on thorax elongated. Wings vestigial (greatly reduced) cannot fly. Males snout/beak shorter wider with more distinct punctures than that of females.

Because its wings are vestigial the granary weevil is confined to stored grain and is primarily transported by man. The larva typically requires a whole kernel for development but can develop in caked grain material. It attacks all kinds of grains and grain products. When disturbed it draws its legs up to its body and plays possum. Adults are not attracted to light.

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