House Fly

House Fly

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Introduction: these flies receive the common name of house fly from being the most common fly found in and around homes especially in the preautomobile era and in rural areas. It is not only a nuisance pest but of greater concern is its potential as a carrier of disease organisms having been found to harbor over 100 different pathogenic organisms. It is worldwide in distribution and is found throughout the United States.

Recognition: Adults about 1/8"-1/4" (4-7.5 mm) long with female usually larger than male. Color dull gray face with 2 velvety stripes each silver above and gold below thorax with 4 narrow black longitudinal stripes on dorsum.

Habits: Although house flies have been shown to migrate up to 20 miles most stay within 1-2 miles/1.6-3.2 km (55-96 within 1 mile 77-100 within 2 miles) of their release point or larval habitat if sufficient food is available. Females seek almost any warm moist material with sufficient food for larval development for egg-laying purposes.

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