Warehouse Beetle

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This beetle no doubt gets its common name of warehouse because it is extremely common in warehouses storing food items worldwide it is second to the khapra as a dermestid pest of stored products.

Adults about 1/8" (3.2 mm) long oblong in shape. Color brownish black with yellowish brown markings elytra (wing covers) with pale basal submedial and subapical bands basal band/loop not connected to submedial band. Head with a median ocellus inner margin of eye straight or very slightly sinuous (wavy). Antenna short.

The warehouse beetle has been found infesting over 90 different kinds of dried plants and plant products such as cake mix candy cereals cocoa cookies corn corn meal dog food (dried and burgers)egg noodles hominy grits macaroni oats peas potato chips raisins rice spices and yeast. If available they will readily feed on animal origin materials such as a dead insect dead mouse or food products such as dog food fish meal and powdered milk.

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