How to Know You Have a Pest Problem

Nobody wants uninvited guests inside their home, especially when that guest is a critter hiding in the walls. Knowing when you have a pest is vital to ensure the safety and structure of your home. Here are the top signs on how to know you have a pest problem!


Chew Marks

Do you have chew marks on the corners of your furniture or along the wiring in your house? Do you know that it isn’t from any playful pet of yours? Chew marks are a clear sign of pests that should be checked out immediately.


Wings and Droppings

Insect wings and animal poop inside your home is a sign of infestation. Wings that look like fish scales are left behind by termite swarms, and droppings could be from a variety of small mammals that you don’t want to leave unattended.


Dead Critters

An occasional dead insect or critter in or around your home could happen for a variety of reasons. However, if you begin to find them on a regular basis, it is a sign of an infestation.


Funky Smell

Can you smell that? Where is it coming from? That musty odor you’re smelling with a hint of ammonia is a sign of infestation.


Spiders and Ladybugs

Spiders and ladybugs are notorious predators who follow the food source. Seeing them outside is a wonderful thing for your home and garden; however, once they are inside, it means that they are tracking the buffet to inside your home.


Pitter Patter

Are you hearing tapping, scrapping, and other noises in your home that don’t belong? Those sounds of pitter-patter are a clear sign that you have unwelcome guests that need to be escorted out before they cause damage.


Holes and Tubes

Mysterious holes in the walls and floors mean little doorways for the creatures that have invaded your home. If you find these, it is time to take action. In addition, be aware of mud tubing on the inside and outside of your home. Termites build these to protect their passage into your home.



While many pests get in without a trace, others are not nearly as sneaky. If you consistently find tracks, little critter footprints, in or around your home, then it is time to call pest control.



Did you find some shredded paper hidden in the corner of your house or garage that wasn’t confetti from your last party? Nothing says infestation like a critter making their home inside of yours. If you find nesting material stuffed into small holes or crannies of your home, it is a sign that a mouse is nesting.
Do you have any of the above in your home? If so, call a pest control specialist for a consultation. Don’t leave this problem to fix itself, because it won’t. Take immediate action to protect your home and your family from a pest infestation.

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