How to Protect Holiday Décor Storage from Pests

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As we head further into the new year, you are likely packing up the last of your holiday décor and are ready to put it away until next year. Unfortunately, holiday décor material often attracts pests as it usually includes soft materials perfect for making nests. When most décor is stored in attics, basements, or garages, most homeowners won’t notice a problem until it is too late. This post will teach you how to protect holiday décor storage from pests.

How to Protect Your Holiday Decor

#1: Check for Pests

There is no point in going through pest prevention techniques if you put away your décor with pests on them. We highly recommend carefully inspecting your décor, especially outdoor décor, before wrapping it up.

#2: Handle the Tree

If you have a natural tree as a part of your décor, it should be disposed of properly. We advise checking with the city to see their tree removal and dumping policy. Keep in mind that some companies offer eco-friendly disposal options as well.

If you have an artificial tree, we suggest gently vacuuming it after taking down your decor to remove any dirt or debris. Next, wrap the tree in a plastic or designated tree bag. Finally, seal it in an airtight plastic container.

#3: Avoid Cardboard Boxes

One of the best methods to protect holiday décor storage from pests is the containers themselves. Under no circumstances should you ever use cardboard boxes. Not only can they easily become damaged or even eaten through, but they are additional fodder for making nests.

We recommend using plastic or metal, sealable, airtight containers. This will prevent any pests from getting in and keep your décor safe from water and humidity.

#4: Keep the Edibles Elsewhere

If you have any kind of edible decoration, like candy canes, stringed popcorn, gingerbread houses, or even pinecones, they are beacons to pests that it is snack time. Even plates or containers with candy residue will get their attention. We recommend scrubbing clean décor like plates. For the edibles, you may want to consider tossing them and replacing them next year or storing them (again, in airtight containers) in a pest-free zone in the house.

#5: Storage Location Should be Dry and Clean

Lastly, your storage location needs to be up to a certain standard as well. Whether you are storing your holiday décor in the attic, basement, garage, or shed, it should be dry and clean. Before you start packing your boxes away, give the space a good inspection. Remove anything that could be inviting to pests and ensure that it will remain that way all year long.

Reliable Pest

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