Pest Control for Fleas Top Tips

Flea itch dog

As a homeowner and parent to children or pets, you want your house to be a safe and happy environment. Unfortunately, fleas can quickly drag down the peacefulness of a home, making your house a horror show rather than an oasis. Fortunately, there is a solution – pest control for fleas!

How to Know if Your Home has Fleas

Has your pet been scratching and scratching? That dread sitting in your stomach is because you know the likelihood of fleas can be high when pets have perpetual itchies. However, there are a few other warning signs to keep an eye out for as well, including:

Flea Warning Signs for Pets:

  • Sudden hair loss
  • Allergic reactions
  • Pale gums
  • Restlessness

Flea Warning Signs for Humans:

  • Welts or red skin
  • Bites around the ankles

You can also perform mini-tests in your house to see if fleas become visible. The white sock test is a favorite. Throw on a pair of clean, white, high-ankle socks and shuffle your feet through your carpet for ten minutes. Fleas are likely to jump on for a ride.

Additionally, you can look for flea dirt. Flea dirt is feces; while it looks like dust, if you collect some on a paper towel and get it wet, it will turn a reddish brown.

Lastly, you can put on a pair of gloves and run your fingers through the carpet to see if there are any eggs. Flea eggs are tiny and white, so they may be impossible to see without a magnifying glass, but if you find them, you have a severe problem.

Home Pest Control for Fleas

If you do end up having fleas in your home, you will want to start by completing a thorough cleaning of the house. First, wash everything that can go in the washer, from clothes to bedding to towels and even shoes.

Before putting it back, you will want to vacuum your home as you’ve never vacuumed before. You will want to heavily target cool and humid areas. Just make sure to dump the vacuum outside and keep the waste far away from the house.

In all honesty, there is a good chance you won’t kill all the fleas through cleaning alone. To get more of them, you can create a cocktail of dish detergent and water, setting it in a shallow bowl close to the door for them to jump into.

Lastly, if you still notice bites, you will need pest control for fleas beyond what you have already tried. We recommend calling in the pros to take care of these situations before it gets out of hand.

Reliable Pest – Pest Control for Fleas

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