Residential Pest Control

Residential pests are a year-round nuisance in the tri-state area. Warmer months invite insects of all kinds into the homes and backyards of area residents. Meanwhile, the cooler months send pests like mice and rats indoors, where they can spread disease and cause extensive damage to personal belongings.

Many renters and homeowners turn to off-the-shelf solutions when they first spot pests, but products like these will have little effect without a strong understanding of the infestation. Rodents like mice give birth to as many as ten litters a year, and litters can bring as many as a dozen offspring into the home in which they were born. Even if you’re able to catch a mouse or two with a poorly-placed trap, it’s likely that others are nesting in or around your home.

A small pest infestation of any variety can grow out of hand very quickly, and as an infestation grows, the potential for damage increases. Stop wasting time and money on solutions that do not finish the job. Instead, call an experienced member of the Reliable Pest Solutions team.

We’ve been providing residential pest control services to renters and homeowners in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa for more than 80 years. Whether your pest problem is small or of a seemingly unmanageable size, we know where and how to stop it. More importantly, we’ll teach you and your family how best to avoid future infestations of critters like mice, rats, ants, and bed bugs.

Residential Extermination Services Include: