Special Services

Reliable is the largest privately owned pest management company in the tri-state area. We provide services in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. All of our Technicians are thoroughly trained, tested, and licensed as required in the states we operate.

Good Bug Education

Our technicians receive updated training every four weeks. Our senior management is also qualified and certified to perform State Recertification training for pest control technicians from any company in multiple states.

For our area schools and students, we offer educational Bug Clubs. Reliable offers this presentation to children in grades 1st to 6th. We have given these presentations in schools throughout the tri-state area, as well as to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.

Our presentation discusses good bugs and bad bugs. How bad bugs cause damage and spread illness, while good bugs prey on these other bugs. We stress the importance of preserving “good” bugs and how to eradicate the “bad” bugs by cleaning and keeping your living space tidy, inside and outside.

Services Include:

  • Training Programs
  • Recertification Programs
  • Bug Clubs in Schools