Termite Control

Termites cause much damage if they infiltrate a home or businesses. They feed off wood, including exteriors and interiors of a house, office, cabinets, furniture, and flooring.

The prolific reproductive behavior of termites means that new colonies will rapidly increase in numbers. Depending on where they’re established, they may chew their way into your home or business. If they’re not intercepted, they can cause eventual damage resulting in thousands of dollars in repair work.

Prevent Termite Damage

In the United States, termites are found in 49 of the states and cause more than 2 billion dollars of damage every year. Much more than all the storms and fires combined.

If you’ve spotted swarmers in your house or office building, call us and have a complete inspection! Our technicians will be able to determine if the pests are termite swarmers or ants, the extent of your problem, and the specific recommendation to correct them. Your structure will not fall down overnight, so take the time to learn about the potential options you may have for correction.

At Reliable, our technicians will assess your need and offer services to keep termites under control. Inspections, Pretreatments, Corrective Treatments, Retreatment Warranties, and Real Estate Inspections are services all offered by Reliable.

Services Include:

  • Inspections
  • Pretreatments
  • Corrective Treatments
  • Retreatment Warranties
  • Real Estate Inspections