Summer Heat – What It Means for Insect Pests

summer time at home

Hooray for summer…but boo for the increased insect population buzzing around our heads and in our homes. It comes as no surprise that summertime sees a plethora of creepy crawlers, but why is that? Today, we are going to explain why pests love the heat, how they interact with summer weather, and what you can do to prevent them from ruining your summer season.

Why Insects Love the Heat

Insects are cold-blooded, so it is no surprise that they thrive in the summer heat. They have more energy to search for food and water as well as to breed.

Speaking of food, summertime generally brings an abundance. Whether the insect feeds from crops, blooming flowers, or the excess of fruit rinds in your garbage can, there is no shortage during this time. Plus, if you are in an area that sees rushing river waters due to snowmelt or wet summer storms, that also means there is plenty of water for them to drink and breed in.

Can It Get Too Hot for Insects?

While most insects thrive in the summer heat, they do have their limitations. When it gets too hot, you will likely experience the following.

1. Activity at Dawn and Dusk

When it gets too hot, insects will rest during the day and only be active when it is cool enough for them to function. Often, this results in heavy insect activity early in the morning and after the sun has set.

2. Insect Filled Shade

Insects know to use shade to stay out of the blazing summer sun. Therefore, you may find that shady areas under trees or in bushes are filled with creepy crawlers during the day.

3. New Housemates

You will likely see a surge of insects trying to make their way into your home or business to take advantage of your air-conditioning. Sometimes, insects are looking for a new place to call home, and other times they simply get stuck inside. Either way, it is unlikely that you will want to keep these new housemates.

Summer Pest Prevention

While we can’t stop every fly and mosquito from annoying us during the summer, we can take summer pest prevention steps to minimize the number of insects that cause problems. The most straightforward steps you can take are simply keeping your home clean, storing food properly, sealing up your house, and maintaining your yard. For a complete list of summer pest prevention tips, click HERE.

Reliable Pest Solutions

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