Summer Pest Prevention Tips

Summer is here! As exciting as fun in the sun, juicy watermelons, and playing in the water sounds, it is also a pest’s favorite time of the year. Prevent them from ruining your summer with these summer pest prevention tips!


  • Store Food Properly


Nobody wants unwanted critters using their house as a restaurant, but if you leave food unproperly stored, it is bound to happen. Keep all food sealed up tight and stored correctly. Don’t leave food, even fruit, sitting on the counter; instead, store it in the fridge. Ensure that all leftovers and bulk food are sealed in airtight containers so that no pesky pests can follow the scent. 


  • Quickly Clean Up Messes


Insects love to find little treats on the floors and counters of our homes. No matter how small it is, they will find it. That is why it is vital to clean up food and drink spills right away. Make sure to wipe down the counters as well as sweep or vacuum the floors.  


  • Rinse Out Recycling


Did you drink a soda and just throw it in the recycling bin? Sadly, even though we are done with the drink, there is still leftover sugar within the can that can attract pests, especially ants. Be sure to wash out your recycling before putting it in the bin. As well, regularly taking out trash and recycling will help to prevent pests. 


  • Seal Up the House


Pests can get into your home through the tiniest of holes. You want to make it as hard as possible for them to do as such. You can do this by sealing up your home. Check window and door screens for holes and patch them up. Apply weather stripping or caulk to cover gaps around doors and windows, so nothing crawls through the cracks. 


  • Maintain Your Yard


Keeping your yard neat and tidy can help with pest prevention. To do this, you need to clean up any yard debris, trim bushes and trees that are close to the foundation, and keep firewood away from the house.


  • Remove Standing Water


Mosquitos love standing water; if you have any standing water near your home, you will become a mosquito snack. Do a thorough search of your home and property for any standing water. It may not be obvious, so look carefully around rain spouts, near air-conditioning units, and consider emptying birdbaths and garden ponds for the summer. 


  • Use Insect Repellents


Being outside in the early morning and evening is one of the best parts of summer, but you don’t want to spend it getting bitten. Before heading out, spray yourself with insect repellent. If you are having an event, you may want to consider lighting citronella candles as a pest deterrent. 


  • Get Rid of Pests


Do you have a pest problem that you can’t fix yourself? Call your local pest control for a consultation on what solution is right for you and your home.

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